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vineri, noiembrie 19

Colinde: Train - Shake up Christmas (VIDEO, Versuri, Download mp3)

Melodia "Shake up Christmas" e inclusa pe albumul "Save Me, San Francisco Golden Gate Edition", lansat de Train in urma cu doar o saptamana. Cantecul a fost inclus in reclamele din 2010 pentru Coca-Cola, ca o schimbare la deja clasicul "Halidays are coming". Prin acesta noua abordare, cu Globul de zapada, Coca-Cola isi propune sa impuna o noua imagine asupra Craciunului, dupa cum a reusit in 1993 cu reclamele cu ursi polari.

Colinde straine: Train - Shake up Christmas + Versuri + Link Download
Colinde de Craciun

Versuri: Train - Shake up Christmas
Shake up the happiness
Wake up the happiness
Shake up the happiness
It’s Christmas time

There’s a story that I was told
And I wanna tell the world
Before I get to old
I don’t remember it
So let’s December it
And reassemble it oh yeah

Once upon a time in a town like this
A little girl made a great big wish
To feel the world full of happiness
And be on Santa’s magic list

Shake it up
Shake up the happiness
Wake it up
Wake up the happiness
Come on you all
It’s Christmas time

Ho, Ho, Ho
Ho, Ho, Ho
It’s Christmas time

At the same time miles away
A little boy made a wish that day
That the world would be okay
And Santa Claus would hear him say
I got dreams and I got love
I got my feet on the ground

And family above
Can you send some happiness?
With my best to the rest
Of the people of the East and the West And
Maybe every once in a while you
Get my grandma a reason to smile
Tis the season of smile
It’s cold but we’ll be freezing in style
Let me meet a girl one day that
Wants to spread some love this way
We can let our souls run free and
She can know some happiness with me


I know you’re out there
I hear your reindeer
I see the snowing
Your boots have been
I’m gonna show them
So they will know then
This love will grow in
Than to live again


It’s Christmas time




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